PRICE LIST 2016/2017

The following are guiding general pricing schemes, they may vary depending on placement and difficulty.

IRIS TATTOO Minimum:                    $   100.00 *

IRIS TATTOO Session:                        $  1000.00 *

IRIS TATTOO Cover Up Minimum     $   150.00 *

IRIS TATTOO Cover Up Session         $  1000.00 *

Although in IRIS TATTOO we try to price each new design specifically, we have calculated that a full session will be up to 4 hours of tattooing.  For tattoos that will take lesser houses it can be calculated at $ 200.00 per hour.

(*) Consultation, design and aftercare products are provided by IRIS TATTOO without further cost.

For special requirements such as tattoos over scars, etc., please contact us directly.

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